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 Welcome to Ancient Craft!

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Welcome to Ancient Craft! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Ancient Craft!   Welcome to Ancient Craft! EmptyTue Jan 03, 2012 1:39 pm

There will be 4 MAIN worlds. Survival, PVP, Spawn, Game. With Survival and PVP, there will be a nether world for each. With Survival, there will be an End.
Attempt at Anti-Xray plugins again. Will find a configuration that doesn't lag the server as much.
Spawn World:
- Only Permissions given in this world would be the ability to talk and move. Every other permissions would be denied. Exceptions, Staff. This way they can edit Spawn if needed.
- Spawn world would contain center point with introduction to server, and guide to getting Member.
- From the Spawn, there will be 3 portals. One leads to Survival, one to PVP, one to Game World.
- More...
- From Survival, there will be 2 portals. One to Nether, other to End.
- Survival world would already have a city made. City is for NPC's to live in, but for certain regions to have different world guards to allow players to setup shop. City region will be protected 50 blocks out from city border. No one is allowed to build too close to city's spawn, unless given permission to.
- Admin Shop limited to selling hard to reach items. Certain items like Diamonds and Iron will not be sold. TNT will not be sold. Lava will not be sold. Water will not be sold. Items only obtainable through spawning such as Grass would be sold at high prices. Price will be set before AdminShop is made. Thread is to be made setting prices for future resets / updates. Prices must be made before an update is released if new items are to be added to game. One question, Should shops give people money for items? Or should we decrease money it gives, and move more dependability to player owner shops and Jobs?
- Types of shops in Survival include Wool/Dyes, Alchemy, and Blocks. Items that can be made (sticks, fences, tools) will not be sold.
- Warps will not be sold unless these conditions are met. $25,000 is payed. Warp is for a Town/Market. For Town/Market, a minimum of 5 citizens/shopkeepers are to be located there, excluding owner if it is a Town. Buildings must be setup. Personal warps may not be made for ANYONE, that is what homes are for. Exceptions can be made. Private Warps may be made for $1. Buyer may choose who to allow at warp (max: 10 people / 1 group and above). Explanation later.
- More...
- Will attempt to change so that Faction tags only show up in PVP world.
- AdminShop will include less on building blocks and more on an armory. Tools, Swords, and PVP-related items (lava, TNT) will be included. Obsidian will be sold at a VERY high price. Logblock would be disabled for member ranks, and enabled for Staff ranks. This way Bedrock cannot be obtained and glitched through.
- More...
- PVP will be enabled in this world. PVP will be disabled by World Guard in certain regions, like Spawn.
- Into the game world, a lobby will be the spawn area. This lobby will have portals setup. These portals won't be used to travel between worlds, but they will be used to travel to different regions of the world. World will be divided to 4 regions. Region 1 (Mob Arena), Region 2 (PVP Arena / HG), Region 3 (Basic / Redstone), Region 4 (Spleef). Plugins will be found for these plugins.
- Guests will be allowed to build in this world. This is for things like hunger games, pvp arena, mob arena, and spleef.
- Architects and Customs will be allowed to create arenas for the Game World.
- More...
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Welcome to Ancient Craft!
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