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 Application for Promotion (Knight)

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PostSubject: Application for Promotion (Knight)   Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:59 pm

There wasn't really a section for Promotion Applications. Maybe you should make one? But, anyways, I first logged on January 3rd, I believe (I used to go by the name "Aqua") and would like to apply to be a Knight. Under the promotion rules, it says that you must play for a month. If you need confirmation that I am Aqua, I will post a reply to this using the Aqua account, saying that it's me. Also, as some very simple proof, I created a faction named H20, and made a glass dome roof over it. I also remember the old spawn and Beef's party shop where he'd drop items. Again, if you need extra confirmation, I will happily log on as Aqua and tell you, or, if need be, I will just always play as Aqua, and this will serve as an application for him, however, I'd much rather have FPSMitchell be a Knight, as that's a name I'm more comfortable responding to. Thanks!
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PostSubject: I am FPSMitchell   Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:01 pm

Alright, you didn't ask for confirmation, but, hey, I'll give it anyways. If you need any other proof, I really can't provide any. FPSMitchell and Aqua are the same person (Mitchell/me), it's just that I (being FPSMitchell) wasn't used to responding to Aqua, and, also, someone else already had a Minecraft account named Aqua, so I couldn't use Mineshafter to provide myself with a skin. Sorry, you've had to do a lot of reading if you read all this, but thanks!
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Application for Promotion (Knight)
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